Recladding of Richmond Building

Client: University of Bradford
Contract Value: 1.5 million

Rance Booth Smith Architects produced a 'vision' for a 'new face to the campus', bringing together a series of projects and looking to attract students to Bradford.  Central to this aim was the recladding of the Richmond Building, originally constructed in 1961.

The recladding of the south west and part of the south east façade facing the city are the first phase of recladding which will ultimately provide a high quality, low maintenance envelope around the whole of the Richmond and Carlton Buildings.

The proposal uses a combination of high quality insulated aluminium panels with integrated tilt and turn windows as rainscreen cladding and curtain walling. The proposed use of a projecting louvered 'cornice' to the recladding effectively screens several masts, aerials and extraction fume chimneys located on the roof of the building from the ground and forms a 'lid' to the building.

Improved thermal performance and reduced window areas also result in considerable energy savings each year, and a better internal environment for staff and students.

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